Our Mission and Vision

One World Middle School @ Edenwald founded in 2011 is a small school committed to understanding ‘who’ the child is in order to teach them. We are dedicated to creating a respectful environment where diversity is celebrated and individuals learn and flourish by developing character, intellect, wellness and a desire for lifelong learning.

At our school, we will not only provide students with rigorous standard-based academics, we will also provide students with a place where learning is self-directed. Children will not only have an understanding of what they are learning but also why they are learning it.  We enhance our learning by celebrating success, and acknowledging student and teacher accomplishments.

All students will graduate with the ability to be a personal leader, a community activist and an Ambassador of Change. Similar to the United Nations charter, all cultures are celebrated at One World Middle School, real issues are discussed, and we will provide an on-going platform for dialogue. Leaders, activists and ambassadors have a common thread in that they communicate clearly and appropriately for the audience and message.

For these reasons the areas of writing, speaking and listening will be carefully nurtured.  Students will understand the importance of being informed and well versed in taking a position. At One World we will be guided by principles similar to the United Nations. We will seek to maintain a place of peace and security, to develop friendly relations among communities and to cooperate in solving problems and in promoting respect for human rights.

Three Founding Core Beliefs:

  • All students have the right to a quality and innovative standards based education that compels deep thinking
  • All students have the right to know and be known in a safe welcoming environment.
  • All students have the right to be acknowledged as unique individuals who learn differently.

As we learn to “Operate at 212 degrees” our Ambassadors are encouraged to have VOICE. Today, Tomorrow and Always.

V alue ~ we value our community, our classmates and ourselves through our words & actions
O pportunity ~ we look for opportunity to do and be a model citizen
ntegrity ~ we model integrity in our words, actions and academic work
C ourage ~ we have courage to stand up and do what is right – We ARE upstanders!
E xcellence ~ we model excellence in our academic work and all that we do

Arts Department Mission and Vision – “Creativity N’ Action”


The ARTS department is a community of teachers that desire to create a community of learners that take a stand for their beliefs and use their cultural differences to create positive change in the world they live.


We are committed to teaching our Ambassadors the relevancy of being a critical thinker, developing perseverance and patience when taking on challenges. We will teach them how to become a well- rounded citizen of society that has fact based views based on solid evidence and collaboration. We will also ensure them the confidence and appropriate dialogue needed to articulate their thoughts when speaking their minds.

ELA where . . .

“The words we read will become the words we write, which will become the works we speak.”


The ELA department is a collaborative community of teachers that view literacy as the essential component of education. As such we will empower our Ambassadors with the skills they need to become grade level readers, critical thinkers, debaters and writers of the 21st century.  It will be our mission to cultivate a community of life-long learners who have a passion and love for reading.


The ELA team is committed to creating challenging and relevant curriculum that will bridge the gap between school and the outside world.

This work will be accomplished by:
•    Exposing students to a wide variety of literature, and providing ample opportunities for reading inside and outside of the classroom
•    A balance of whole-group and small-group instruction addressing the needs of students, using research-based practices
•    Ongoing collaboration amongst the staff in unit planning, vertical alignment, looking at student work and monitoring and revising when needed


  • OWMS Math Department values students feeling successful through the use of learning supports and strategies that evoke participation, contribution, insight and organization. We foster collaborative relationships among all stakeholders.
  • We create safe environments allowing students to be themselves and take risks through problem solving and exploratory learning.


  • Resilient students
  • Persevere through problem solving in real world situations.
  • Apply mathematical knowledge to real world.


  • Making New York City part of our classroom.
  • Bring history to life with real world experiences.
  • Valuing experience through observation and reflection.
  • Recognize us vs. them/ in- group and out group thinking


  • Cultural awareness- respect for important holidays, holy days, etc.
  • Form their own opinions based on analysis and research
  • To graduate human beings who value people and experiences and differences.
  • Supporting participation
  • Knowledge of civic duties
  • Guide students to their own fact and evidence based opinions.
  • Knowledge of rights AND responsibilities.


  • SAFETY to speak your mind
  • Critical thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Communication- sharing ideas
  • Global citizen
  • Fact based views
  • Human relationships – EMPATHY
  • Evidence based analysis
  • Connection to real world/ present day
  • Debate/ Discussion/Dialogue
  • Risk takers
  • Perseverance
  •  Independent, student paced learning
  • Patience
  • Positive atmosphere
  • Cultural experiences